Octopus Silicone Cleansing & Massaging Brush

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 There has never been a cuter and easier way to wash your face! This 2-in-1 octopus brush is designed to help maximize your cleanse. The top of the brush with shorter, denser bristles exfoliates away dirt, makeup and excess oil. The bottom side with longer, firmer bristles provides a stimulating massage that increases blood circulation for overall healthier skin. 

How To Use

Insert your favourite cleanser into the bottom of the brush and gently squeeze several times until foam appears on top. Use the shorter, denser side to deep clean skin. Towards the end of your cleansing session, use the longer nubs to gently massage skin, starting from the center of the face and working outwards in small circles. When finished, remove the black sponge from center, rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry completely.


Use the massaging side with your favorite balm or oil cleanser for an extra relaxing treatment!