Dual-Sided Silicone Mask Applicator

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C'mon, admit it. The only downside to masking? Grotty fingers! Smooth your favourite masks of all textures over that beautiful visage of yours, without lifting a finger. Looking for the clean-cut edges to your mask that make it insta worthy? This tiny tool is the ultimate #PWDKWN (Product We Didn't Know We Needed, for the uninitiated!)

What are the benefits of T Clinic Dual-Sided Silicone Mask Applicator?

  • Mess-free mask application that keeps your fingers clear of masks.
  • A silicone spatula is easy to clean and hygienic, minimising bacteria transfer from your fingers, to your jar/tube/pot of mask, to your face - and back!
  • One textured side, one smooth side - perfect for masks of all textures, all skin types and all skin concerns. 
  • The textured side of the applicator can be used to assist with removal, offering gentle exfoliation. 
  • Unique curved design that flexes to maneuver around the face, allowing for easier, mess-free product application.

How do I use T Clinic Dual-Sided Silicone Mask Applicator?

For thicker, or textured masks - use the smooth side of the applicator to draw mask onto the face. 
For liquid masks, use the textured side to grip onto the thinner texture for application. 

Pro tip: for clay masks, or masks that dry down - use the textured side, dampened, to gently buff in circular motions to remove the mask for an exfoliating treat.