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Bio Filler With Plasma Gel

Organic autologous plasma bio filler, commonly know as plasma gel, is a revolutionary alternative to tradition fillers. Instead of synthetic products, this natural filler is delivered from the patient’s own blood.

As Plasma gel provides instant volume to areas such as lip and cheeks, while also effectively treated wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and other sign of aging. Unlike dermal fillers, plasma gel delivers natural-looking results without any Harding or loss of mobility.

As Plasma gel is made from the patients own risk of adverse reaction is minimal. Its popularity is attributed to safety and natural composition.

In addition to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, adding volume to lips and cheeks, and addressing sagging or loose skin around the eyes, plasma gel can also even out the skin and reduce recessed scars. What more, because plasma gel doesn’t contain any chemicals, it considered a safer and vegan-friendly alternating to traditional fillers.


How does it work?

The patients’ blood is separated via centrifugal force and the plasma is withdrawn. Plasma is rich in potent growth factors, encapsulated in platelets. It is the increase in bioavailability and sustained release of these growth factors that renew and replenish skin cells. Calcium is added to the patient’s plasma
and a chemical reaction occurs allowing growth-factors to be released from their platelets. It is these growth factors that stimulate collagen, fibrin, and elastin within the skin. Studies show that PRP Gel acts as a fibrin lattice/matrix that holds suspended platelets that slowly release their growth factors over time. This is shown to promote new vessel growth and increased collagen synthesis, resulting in an improvement in soft tissue and a reduction in wrinkles.
Research shows that PRP Gel causes contraction of cells known as myofibroblasts which cause the skin to strengthen and tighten, alleviating wrinkles at the treated site. There is also evidence that PRP Gel enhances the body’s own, natural HA production. The entire process can be done in one treatment session, and each person yields approximately 3-6mL of PRP gel.


How long does PRP Gel Last?

The effects are immediate and can last up to 6 months post-treatment. It is recommended to review at 1-month intervals. PRP gel is best viewed as a long-term investment into the prevention of premature ageing, and maintenance of youthful, plump skin. Its focus is on extended period skin rejuvenation, maintaining and enhancing soft plump skin while prolonging and minimising the signs and manifestations of ageing.


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