Back Facial

Experience Relaxation and Skin Correction with our Back Facials


The back, often a neglected area, can now receive the pampering it deserves through our corrective Back Facial treatments featuring T Clinic, our high-performance skincare range.


What is a Back Facial Treatment?

 Our Back-Facial package offers a comprehensive solution for your back's needs. It includes a thorough deep cleanse and exfoliation with the soothing touch of a hot towel removal. Say goodbye to those pesky blackheads and congestion with our expert extractions. Our high-frequency treatment effectively targets the bacteria responsible for pimples. The enzyme mask works to break down the adhesive that binds dead skin cells, revealing fresher, healthier skin underneath. To further enhance your skin's vitality, we apply T Clinic Clarifying Serum with AHA's, which helps combat future breakouts. Finally, we finish the experience with T Clinic Botanical Hydra Gel, a lightweight moisturiser known for its oil-regulating properties.


What Results Can You Expect from a Back Facial?

The Prepare to be delighted as your back's skin is rejuvenated. If you've been dealing with breakouts, regular Back Facial treatments should lead to a noticeable reduction in acne and scarring. Our Back Facials are an excellent choice for addressing back acne concerns.


Who Can Benefit from a Back facial?

 Our Back-Facial extraction treatment is suitable for anyone seeking a thorough cleanse and revitalisation for their back. It is especially beneficial for those dealing with breakouts on their back.





Back Facial


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